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"If we were all like Angels, the world would be a heavenly place." Author Unknown

Gladys Ellen is one of Rhode Island's most credible and authentic spiritual intuitives. A triple Cancer, she is compassionate, sensitive, highly intuitive, psychically aware, and dedicates her life to nurturing others. She is ruled by the Moon---the Great Mother of the heavens in ancient times.

Gladys is the owner of Heavenly Hugs Holistic Healing Center and manages this very special meeting place where one can re-connect, re-energize, learn, grow, raise the spiritual Love vibration, and Be with others in a supportive environment. Empowerment, support and inspiration are her core values. Despite a difficult and challenging past, she's one of the most positive people you'll meet.

Gladys not only talks the talk but walks the walk. In November of 2013, she took her own spiritual journey to the next level and is proud to call herself one of Tony Robbins' Firewalkers, successfully completing his Unleash the Power Within Training in New Jersey. In February, 2015 she took a 14,500 foot leap of faith in Sedona, Arizona, skydiving for the very first time. Stay tuned, she's got more exciting adventures planned and cannot wait to share.

You can find her short story published in Doreen Virtue's book "The Miracles of Archangel Michael".

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Holistic Healing center

Heavenly Hugs is full-time private practice open by appointment only.

A healthy spiritual practice, or perspective, teaches us that there is something greater than ourselves. The essence of the spiritual life is to stay connected to that sacred place within, the spiritual Heart. This place holds the memory of wholeness, peace and balance, no matter how far our hearts or minds may be pulled.

According to researchers at the Institute of HeartMath, heart coherence is a scientifically verified state in which our brains and hearts resonate and exchange information. The heart center has its own wave signature—heart rhythms measurable by scientists. On a spiritual level, tapping into the heart’s vibration allows us to tap into an expanded energy field that interconnects us with all living beings. Through such awareness we can open ourselves to the spiritual information flowing through us

Gladys takes a heart-based, whole-istic approach to Wellness ------> The Next Frontier in Healthcare. She believes in empowering you to say YES to life and is happy to assist you on your journey.

Spiritual Readings empower, comfort, support, teach and inspire. These life changing sessions contain information that will be relevant to your entire life and those who are part of it. This is a one-of-a-kind clairvoyant glimpse into the blueprint of your soul mission and spiritual journey. Read More

Energy creates power or as it is referred to in healing...Empowerment. Health enhancement through energy healing is life empowerment on every level of our life experience. The benefits of Energy Therapy sessions are really beyond what words can describe or what our minds can comprehend. Read More

Professional Training Programs are designed to teach students hands-on energy healing modalities, professional business practices, and assist those seeking personal development and spiritual awareness. Training Programs are
suited for Individuals, Therapists, Health Professionals, and Personal Development Coaches. Gladys' Energy Therapy Training Programs are designed to facilitate change, bridge the gap between science and spirituality, and help you explore the integration of linear and expansive healing modalities. These classes are truly life changing for self and others. Read More

Heavenly Hugs Holistic Healing Center is a 1,200 square foot space located in Warwick, Rhode Island.
The center overlooks the Posnegansett Pond on Warwick Avenue. Heavenly Hugs has been located on Warwick Avenue for over 6 years. There is plenty of off-street parking in front of the building and is on the bus route.

Come Relax, Renew, and Energize!!!


What Clients are saying

"Thank you so much for our recent session together. I did receive the CD you sent and after some fiddling with the computer, I was able to play it. It was invaluable to listen to your advice and the messages again, and I have to repeat what I said to you at the end of our time together: you truly put your heart and soul into that hour and I truly appreciate it! I hope to work with you again one day."

"Thank you for a wonderful night [Messages from Divine Gallery]. It helped me more than you know, been a rough one lately and this was very helpful! Thank you!"

"You changed [my husband's] life today. That was a direct quote from him. Ty so much."

"Good morning Gladys! My Heart is so filled after our day together yesterday. You are truly an inspiration, with the courage to take the road less traveled and step out in your unique and powerful gifts. I love your transparency, authenticity, and down-to-earth grounded way of presenting such spiritual training. You create a climate of safety, reverence joy and love. You yourself are truly an angel. You bring a ray of heaven to earth just being who you are! Thank you for your powerful intuition and more importantly for your heart of service and heart of love! Blessings and love to you!"

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